Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Concert

Wow. Paulina Jayne was AMAZING! I knew she could sing but, wow, she's really good! A few other acts came on that weren't stellar, but that was fine. Just being there was fantastic. Which brings me to another part of the night... So my friends and I got there and another one of our friends had tickets for better seats and just gave them to us. How awesome was that?! Finally Sheryl Crow came on and sang ALL of her greatest hits. I immediately thought since Kid Rock wasn't there she wouldn't do "Picture". THEN OUT OF NOWHERE KID ROCK CAME ON STAGE. My life was complete. I got to see my all time favorite song performed live by the two people who originally sang it.

 This would be me getting ready to jam out to Sheryl.

This cutie is one of my girlfriends I went to the concert with, aRp. I absolutely love her. This was her first concert she's ever been to so it made the experience ( and the drive) worth it!

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