Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Was looking through old pics, saw these two gems and had to share! Happy Thursday y'all!

The blonde girl in pink on the pink tube

The only blondie in the picture :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spirit Football Jersey

Hey y'all! It's been a crazy couple days here at SMU. So many tests, and quizzes, and club meetings, and everything! But while the year is heating up, the air temperature here is cooling down. That's right. I said it. Dallas has officially gotten out of the 90s this week (*knock on wood). It's getting to about 75 degrees in the morning, so it's perfect long sleeved shirt and norts weather. Or what's even better is the Spirit Football Jerseys I see almost everyone sporting.

Honestly y'all, I cannot tell you just how much I ADORE these shirts. Like not even kidding, they are so cute. It's the number one (all right... number two behind a new Elsa top from Lilly) thing on my Christmas list this year.

Mostly, sorority girls wear them, but I have seen ones for SMU, for particular cities (like Charleston), and just plain ones (like 'Spring Break 2012').


Marley Lilly:




They sell them online (on Spirit Football Jersey website or Marley Lilly), through greek clothing websites, by the university (McCarthy's next to SMU sells them), or in specialty stores near major towns (there are places in Charleston, Savannah, Charlotte, Belfast, etc.)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

SMU v Texas A&M

Ok y'all. I just back from College Station and oh my goodness. That was so crazy! I've never seen an SEC game live, but now I certainly have! Those Aggies are almost like a cult! They love their city. They love their team. They love their football. And they REALLY love Manizel. Holy cow. Of course A&M crushed SMU, but what else is new? Just the difference between our Boulevarding and their tailgating was eye opening.

The roar of the 63,000 students at the game could have LITERALLY woken the dead. Not even remotely joking. I was with my aunt and uncle (both Mustangs themselves) and we were outnumbered to say the least. My uncle works at A&M now, so he had tickets for us up in the nosebleed section (section 524, row 22, seat 3). The spirit, the devotion, the militaristic dedication was phenomenal. I've never seen anything like it.
SMU @ Gerald Ford Stadium
A&M @ Kyle Field
All and all, my trip to Aggieland was successful. The people there are honestly the nicest people you'll ever have the honor of meeting; all greeting you with a "Howdy! Welcome to Aggieland!" And though I was one of maybe 30 SMU fans there in a crowd of over 80,000, I truly felt welcomed. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What I Can't Live Without

College can really try a person. So many clubs, and events, and socials, and parties, and libraries, and term papers. Such a struggle some days. Not to mention, one has to plan outfits accordingly. For example: baggy t-shirt and norts when class is one end of the campus to the other with only 10 minutes to make a 15 minute walk; or it could be classes are one right after the other and are conveniently located across the street from each other therefore allowing me to dress like a lady instead of a scrub.

However, there are just somethings a girl needs in life. Especially to survive college.
Everyone needs to carry one of these. OMG. Especially in the South where it's almost uncomfortably hot and dehydrating. I honestly can't live without my Tervis Tumbler. The 24oz cup is the perfect size for someone like me, that needs A LOT of coffee in the morning and a gallon of water throughout the day.
 Here, in Texas, the sun shines all the time. Not that I'm complaining; coming from Michigan where we didn't even understand the concept of sunshine. Sunglasses are, therefore, a must. It doesn't actually matter what brand they are, as long as they're polarized. But, my favorites are all Ray-Bans. I have a pair of Wayfarers, but I see many girls (and guys) sporting the Aviator. 

Every girl needs a pair of norts. I cannot say enough good things about these shorts. Oh my goodness. They are perfect for the to-and-fro-on-the-go lifestyle. I wear mine with an oversized t-shirt and a pair of Jacks. It's still crazy hot here, so it's nice to be comfortable and cool. You can get them just about anywhere - from the Nike store to T.J.Maxx. 

Everyone needs a backpack, or a tote, or some sort of bag to carry all the books to and from class. I love my Lilly Shoreline tote. It's absolutely perfect. I'm totally not a backpack girl, but if so desired, The North Face and L.L. Bean have great bags that are monogrammable. I love totes simply because they give that girly feel to a large bag. 

Weather is a pain in the butt. Trust me. I know. Especially when you are the unfortunate student that has to trek from one end of campus to the other in a 10 minute passing time. It's difficult with the sun out and the temperature hospitable. But when it's raining, and humid... ugh. That makes for an awful time. I was blessed to have had the thought to bring my wellies. In the past two weeks, I don't even know how I would have survived if I hadn't brought my Hunters

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kate Spade Bags

Hey y'all! So I have been absolutely drooling over my friend Katherine's Kate Spade clutch. (But to be honest, she has great style all around) It is the CUTEST bag I've ever seen. It's black and patent leather. So unbelievably adorable.

In fact, a lot of girls here at SMU have cute Kate Spade bags. I love her as a designer; everything is so bright and colorful. So much fun. Her bags come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics and materials. They're awesome and have become an official must have of the season.

Best full price:

Kate Spade Nylon Karen $298

Brightspot Avenue Sally $158
Cedar Street Medium Harmony $298
Cobble Hill Little Curtis $278
Best On Sale:

Lincoln Square Garrett $149 - On Sale 

Flatiron Nylon Cammy $68 - On Sale

West Vally Janelle $117 - On Sale

Barrow Street Tenley $80 - On Sale

Grove Court Michelle $179 - On Sale

I'm definitely asking for one of these bags for Christmas!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

That Lululemon Life

I. Am. A. Total Yogi. Like legit. I love yoga. It's a great stress relief and somehow centers you when you feel like everything is going wrong. I just went for a mini class today, and it really calmed me down admits a huge meltdown. Today was just full on struggles. But once I calmed myself and relaxed. I could keep my peace and focus my life. It was fantastic. It teaches you the way of assurance amongst calamity, showing you how to breathe in positive energy and out negativity. 

But the object of this post is, obviously, clothes! 

For the more expensive taste, Lululemon is awesome. The clothes are MADE for yoga, they hold up nice and they last for a very long time. I believe they are "investment" pants. Everyone should eventually get a pair if they're into yoga as much as I am (or just want a good pair of "to-and-fro"/errand running/hanging out pant). Same thing goes for Lulu tops. Yes they are expensive. But they are an awesome buy that'll last for a while. 

Practice Freely Tank $64

Astro Pant (Regular) $98
Wunder Under Crop $72
For those who don't have the yearning to spend a boat load of money for clothes to just sweat in, I get it. I'm the same way. I'd love to have all Lulu, but that's just not in my price budget. So, as a yoga-loving-stereotypically-poor college student, I shop at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls for yoga clothes. They have name brands at awesomely low prices. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TOBI sale

TOBI is such an amazing site! OMG. You can get such great deals on some really fashionable clothes. Like seriously. I am in absolute love. The best part about the website is that they run sales all the time! For signing up through Facebook, new users receive 50% their first order, and addition discounts for referring others to the site. For veteran users, like myself, there's currently a 50% off sale going on. I legit, went HAM. A few of my girlfriends and I were camped out in the hallway of the dorm (where the wifi is the strongest) and we helped each other shop, critiquing and pruning each of our shopping carts. It was soooo  much fun! I may or may not have blown my monthly budget, but I don't even care. So worth it.

Stud Me Up Wedges $46

Valerie Shift Dress $23

Square One Tank Dress $28

Monday, September 9, 2013


This past Saturday was Gameday at SMU. Which means Boulevarding! Boulevarding, as stated in my previous post, What to Wear to Boulevard, is SMU's classy version of tailgating. It's sooo much fun! You have to wear a certain color and you party all day long. This week was a "Red-Out".

So, I didn't own a red dress unfortunately. That caused a bit of an issue when Saturday rolled around and I didn't a thing to wear. Thank the Lord we all kinds of boutiques around the campus. I bought this CUTE dress for a good price and got all kinds of compliments on it. Great buy!

My dress and boots! Gotta have cowboy boots!

My friends Reid and Aubrey at the game

Gotta love a tailgate that has a photo booth. Go Stangs'!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Monogrammed Necklaces

All right y'all. I have a new obsession. Monogrammed necklaces. Everyone on campus owns one, here in Dallas. It's crazy! And everyone has a slightly different pattern/texture/font. They are a total must. I just got mine for a late 18th birthday present from my auntie. I LOVE it. I wear everyday and only take off to workout and shower (yes, I even sleep in it). It's sterling silver because it then matches my watch, which I also never take off. Gold was pretty, but I love the clean look of the silver. I got an 18in chain, so it falls nicely on my chest, not to long or short.

I found a few cute necklaces from Etsty, so I could get a lot of cute acrylic colored necklaces, but they just weren't the quality of Marley Lilly. ML makes theirs with REAL, quality metals so they'll last. Regardless the price, everyone must own one of these! 

Marley Lilly


Marley Lilly 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Frat Collection

Ok, so I'm obsessed with this brand. No joke. Such cute tees and tanks, with so many fabric options! I normally fit a child size, so usually the cute clothes made for adults (like myself) are really difficult to find! But, the Frat Collection has all the same color tees, with all the same fabrics as the adults, just named differently! The down side is that they're a little pricey, but it's for a good cause! About 10% of the profit goes towards a charity of your choice. Philanthropic clothes. It's genius!

My favorite fabric patterns are:
The Josh
Little Josh
The Theodore
Little Theodore

The Barbara (Adult)
Little Finis (Child)

The Betsy (Adult)
Little Washington (Child)

The Annette
Little Annette

The Clark
Little Clark
Aren't they the cutest?! I just love them. Such a preppy staple.