Saturday, August 25, 2012


Not my best picture, but none the less, one of my favorite sweaters! It's kind of a funny story how I acquired it. I was at a very fancy yacht club for a 4th of July party. That day, I left to hang out with a girlfriend of mine for a few hours. Long story short, I got poured on. No joke, it was a tsunami. In Michigan. Well, I went back to the club and tried to warm up again. One of the members saw me shivering and called me over to her. She took me to a counter and disappeared for a minute or two. When she came back, she was carrying this sweater. Then, she gave it to me, no charge. Apparently it was a "lost and found" that was never claimed... And because of my frigid condition, it will never be ;) Anyways, the sweater was a Nordstrom's Small Petite, which is my exact size, and can be paired with just about anything: jeans and a tee, khakis and a blouse, printed shorts and a polo.

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