Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mommy Appreciation Post

I didn't post anything for Mother's Day, so shame on me. Above is a picture of my mom and I after not seeing each other in about 3 months. Y'all have to understand, my mom is one of my best friends as well as my parent. It's been her and me against the world for as long as I remember. She's my #1 fan and my support system through everything. I look like her, I talk like her and I was raised right by her. I'm unbelievably blessed to have her in my life, so better late than never. 

{I love you momma, to the moon and back. And I can't wait to spend the next 3 months with you.}

xoxo Your Baby Girl 

PS: I know you read my blog Mommy :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Almost Summer

I took this photo as a Snapchat selfie, but I ended up being obsessed with it so I saved it :)

Happy soon-to-be summer y'all!

xoxo Savannah

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hey y'all! I have a ton of grad parties to be going to this year (all my babies are graduating *cue the tears) so that could be expensive. However, depending on how well I know the person I can cut the price slightly by making the gift. These ideas also work well for other occasions such as showers or birthdays. 

1) Painted Wine/Beer Glass

Before anyone starts berating me on giving a wine or beer glass to a graduate, remember that grad gifts can be to COLLEGE graduates too. Even so, a wine or beer glass is a thoughtful way to memorialize a friendship and give an individualized gift to the person. Make it a Lilly Pulitzer print. Make it a sports team. Add a monogram. Add a college logo. And regardless of the intent, the graduate doesn't have to drink alcohol out of it.

(Lilly Pulitzer)


Here is an Intructables "How-To":

2) Elastic Hair Ties

In stores and boutiques, these hair ties (*obviously for girls!) are astronomical. Seriously. Who in their right mind pays $12 for 5 hair ties. Thats ridiculous!! Instead, at any craft store, like JoAnn Fabrics, you can buy elastic for about $2. That elastic will make you about 7-8 nicely sized hair ties. Depending on the store, elastic comes in all colors and widths. Or, you can buy all kinds of colorful elastics on Etsy.

3) Needlepoint Key Fob

They work for both guys and girls and are super popular in college for keeping track of room keys, car keys, or all-access keys. For guys, I recommend their favorite team or sport or their future school. For girls, something patterned and cute, maybe their future school, whatever they like. You can buy "step-by-step" templetes on Etsy (link below) and save a bundle.

(Smathers and Branson)

Stina Stiches

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thank You

I didn't post this yesterday, but I just want to say thank you again to those who've died or had a relative die fighting for this beautiful nation. This is the greatest country in the world and I'm so blessed to be an American.

Land of the free because of the brave. God bless America.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Goodbye to Hannah

(Dear Hannah,)

I've been an avid reader of The Pink and Green Prep since its conception almost 4 years ago. I thought Hannah was witty and clever and had the cutest style I've ever seen. I didn't know her personally, but her blog over these past years has been a staple in my life so I'm sad to see her go for now. Actually, her blog inspired me to start my own blog one year later, just before my senior year of high school. I know I will probably never have the popularity her blog has, but my own blog has given me such an amazing outlet. So, I have her to indirectly thank for that.

This past May 16, Hannah said goodbye to us for good. As we all know, life is unpredictable and we change, especially over the course of high school to college. So, I just wanted to create an e-"thank you" to Hannah for all the great blogging she's done over these past years. (To Hannah if you see this) You will be missed but I hope to be one of your readers again soon.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sun Protection

Hey y'all! Summer is coming up soon, so it's about time to discuss proper sun protection. Honestly, I get it. I worship the sun and the tanner I get, the happier I am. (Tanning is also a perk to my job as a lifeguard too!) But, incorrect or over-exposure can be truly detrimental to y'alls health.

Here are some quick tips for sun protection:


It doesn't have to be a gooey white Coppertone-like sunblock y'all grew up with. It can simply be using a foundation with an SPF (MAC, Smashbox, Tart, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline FIT) Or, it can be a light coat that goes under the makeup. Or it can be as easy as a quick (good smelling) spray: easy application, no mess.


Hats are cute!! Seriously. Wear them. Your face, eyes, and scalp will thank you.


Why not wear sunglasses? They're so cute and come in individual styles depending on the face shape, so neglecting them is harder than buying them. You only have one set of retinas. Be kind to them.


Sun protection isn't simply skin deep. Drinking water helps the body from dealing with sun exposure related issues later. Dehydration, especially when you're an "always-going-never-stopping" kind of person, is a bummer and causes a real dent in your day.

What do y'all do to protect yourselves during summer?
xoxo Savannah

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Trends

Hey y'all! I go home tonight! I can't believe it!! I haven't seen MI since the beginning of January. Like wow... It's now summer break.

So, I thought it would be appropriate to show my "Must Haves" of the season:

1) Wedges

Dress them up, dress them down. They're great for all occasions and add a little height in a season full of sandals.

2) Maxi dress

They're breezy and stylish. They look great with sandals as well as with wedges. Great for a grad party or a beach day. And let's all be honest, from time to time we forget to shave our legs...

3) Beach tote

Lilly Pulitzer
Whether you're at the pool or the beach or just out and about, summer requires a lot of extra carry-ons. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you with a roomy tote.

4) Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers
Shoes get wet. It's inevitable. But especially in the summer, between the rain and the pools and the beaches, we need to have a study pair of waterproof shoes. And if that's so, they might as well be cute too.

5) Slip Shift Dress
Forever 21
It's just an easy to-go dress. Like the wedges, dress it up or dress it down. Throw it on for a night on the town, or a quick coverup on the way to the beach. They come in all colors and all styles. I'd go with a cheap on just in case it gets trashed over the chaotic-ness of summer.

What are y'alls summer "Must Haves"?
xoxo Savannah 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beaded Bracelets

Hey y'all! So I finished my first year at SMU with a cumulative GPA of 3.65 (woohoo!) and as a 'congrats' to myself from myself, with love, I bought a couple Nepalese beaded bracelets. These things are all the rage in Dallas but I never could bring myself to buy one or two at $10+ a pop. My friend Kat loves them and has so many in such cute colors. I'm super jealous. But, I loved them so much that I finally gave in!
But I ended up finding an Etsy site for these bracelets for a lot less than they are sold in local boutiques... So if you're as crazy as I am about these bracelets, you know where to buy them!

Hope y'all have a great week!
xoxo Savannah

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finals Frenzy

All right y'all! I'm at the end of freshman year and about to go off on summer. I can't believe it. Time truly flies fast and all I want to do is go back to September and start it all over again. I'm super excited, however, to be done with school for the most part and I'm so ready to go home and see my mommy! (who arrives this coming Saturday night!!) So right now I'm going back and forth from dorm to library to gym and repeat. Soo tired but I just have to stay focused! I mean, it's not like I've put on real clothes in over a week or actually did my hair and makeup, so studies are kinda all I have to worry about....

Any who, hope y'alls week is going well and wish me luck on this coming week!
xoxo Savannah