Saturday, August 11, 2012

Peaches and Pearls

Hey y'all! As it is blatantly obvious, my name is Savannah. I was named after a movie (Savannah Smiles) but because of my sunny and peppy personality, my nickname is Peach.

It nicely coincides with Savannah, GA as well. Due to the fact I am a "southern transplant" as I say and my namesake is famous for the peach, the name stuck.

My daddy gave me that name when I was born. He rarely uses 'Savannah...' unless he's P.O.ed at me ;) Now I have become so accustomed to answering to 'Peach', it has almost become a habit for my family to never call me by my birth name.

Pearls. Where to start? It's a stable in a preppy girls wardrobe and can basically match everything. I have a few necklaces of my mothers' and a pair of my grandma's, a choker from my aunt, plus a bracelet from my cousin. As you can see, I am "pearled" out :)
Ta ta for now! xoxo Savannah

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