Friday, September 28, 2012

Jet Setter

Hey y'all! Hope everyone's day was fantastic because mine was! Today, I hop on a plane to Charleston, SC for my mom's godson's wedding! I literally can't wait. But of course, like any good pretty, preppy girl, I HAD to put my outfit together ahead of time. And what "lilly girl" doesn't travel without cute luggage?! So, obviously I had to buy new luggage! Nothing shows class more than traveling in style!

Jet Setter

My side zip black dress from Forever 21. (I know, not always the most well made clothes, but this dress is an exception!)
My khaki colored 3/4 sleeve linen blazer from Tommy. 
My cheetah flats from DSW ( Brand unknown ). 
My new honey colored Ray-Ban Wayfarers. 
My large Vera duffle in Symphony in Hue.
My red Longchamp. 
My pearl earrings.

The next few days will be super hectic, so in case I don't have time, I wish you all a good weekend and can't wait to come back and start blogging again! Lots of love!

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