Friday, September 7, 2012

Game Day Necessities

Game Day Necessities

1) Rain boots. Let's be honest, football season anywhere is wet. I hate sitting on cold, metal bleachers with soaking feet. Not fun at all. I personally love Hunter wellies. I have a pair in navy, so they literally go with everything!

2) Tote bag. This one in particular is from Vineyard Vines, but I use my red Longchamp or a medium L.L. Bean "Boat and Tote". It does the job and I don't spend an arm, a leg, and possibly a kidney on the VV one. Nevertheless, a tote is perfect for game season. It holds programs, water,  and miscellaneous things girls cram into their bags.

3 & 4) Gloves and Scarves. I don't know about y'all but I hate being cold when I don't have to. In Michigan, that is a HUGE issue. The weather never seems to make up its mind. So, one more thing to cram into the tote is some winter wear. Never know when the nip in the air is too much to handle!

5) Hoodie. The one above is from J. Crew ( or Prepster Mecca), but any hoodie will do. I have many from various sports I do, so I'm all set. But on those cold fall days when y'all are out freezing your "you know whats" off, it's nice to have the extra protection a hood give you. Plus, contrary to popular belief, hoodies are sporty cute!

6) Rain coat. One above is North Face and the one I have is a North Face in a hot flamingo pink. I love, love, LOVE it! It has just enough insulation that I don't freeze, but not so heavy that I'd actually prefer the cold rain to the sweltering heat inside the jacket. Like the wellies above, why would you sit cold and miserable when you don't have to?

7) Coffee traveler. Once again, football games are notorious for being cold. I like the Lilly print above, but any travel mug would do. The one I use is hot pink with lime green polka dots from Einsteins. Love it! In all seriousness though, hot beverages make sitting in the cold cheering seem more... well... cheery.

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