Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ralph Lauren

I have such a good relationship with the Ralph Lauren cashiers. This is my latest addition to the Lauren family residing in my closet. It's a black cable knit V-neck sweater with a white pony in the corner.

I love it. It is so simple and looks cute with just about anything. So, that means, to add some color, I can wear fun and bright jewelry!! Bracelets look the best with this piece... but I guess and necklace wouldn't look so bad either!

Personally, I think the sweater, a pair of jeans, and this belt would be super cute!

I'm still running cross country and maintaining afloat at school, but I just found out my counselor wants me to take the ACT again. Yikes! But, what's more to say... Fourth times a charm! But, I know it is for my future and I have to have a "never give up" attitude. My day will come. I also need to keep above a 4.0 until January and somehow run a 23:37 to letter again in cross country. My plate is certainly full! 

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