Monday, September 3, 2012


Above are some crew neck tees I scored from Gap! Black, grey, and white. Not boring, but I think more classy! I got them for those sweaters that are to wide on top for collared shirts and blouses. But they look nice by themselves with a nice pair of pants... or a fun skirt. They actually were on sale, so the guilt of buying three didn't eat me alive :) But, really, they are perfect for all types of weather because of the heavy material, and those who know Michigan know that's what makes a good shirt!

I have seriously been looking for black flats for as long as I can remember. I actually bought another pair an hour before I found these at Gap. The previous pair I bought were Tahari flats pricing a whopping $40. Tahari is my favorite brand of flats, but I don't love them enough to fork over that much of my hard earned money! The ones above, however, were $20. Much more reasonable! And they have a matte/patent oxford patterned, so there's a subtle preppiness to them!

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