Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Striped Shirt

Hey y'all! I just received my shirt from Striped Shirts. SO. Cute. Laura really knows what she's doing. The fabric is super soft and breathable, yet it's a heavy weight tee: something that can beat the heat of summer and remain warm enough for the cooler winter months. They come in all colors, so they're absolutely perfect for college. For example, I got the red & blue striped shirt for SMU but they have blue & yellow (for my beloved wolverines) or purple & white (for our rivals across the way at TCU). They come in every size imaginable, starting from 6mo old to adult XL. Perfect for family photos, or just a cute casual tee to wear out. 

I plan on wearing this tee with white shorts and a monogrammed necklace and gold gold Jacks throughout the warmer parts of September here in TX. Then, when the weather cools down, cuffed jeans, a white sweater, and brown Sperry loafers. This really is an all-year top. I recommend it completely. 

To buy one, please check out the website: stripedshirt.com

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