Sunday, September 22, 2013

SMU v Texas A&M

Ok y'all. I just back from College Station and oh my goodness. That was so crazy! I've never seen an SEC game live, but now I certainly have! Those Aggies are almost like a cult! They love their city. They love their team. They love their football. And they REALLY love Manizel. Holy cow. Of course A&M crushed SMU, but what else is new? Just the difference between our Boulevarding and their tailgating was eye opening.

The roar of the 63,000 students at the game could have LITERALLY woken the dead. Not even remotely joking. I was with my aunt and uncle (both Mustangs themselves) and we were outnumbered to say the least. My uncle works at A&M now, so he had tickets for us up in the nosebleed section (section 524, row 22, seat 3). The spirit, the devotion, the militaristic dedication was phenomenal. I've never seen anything like it.
SMU @ Gerald Ford Stadium
A&M @ Kyle Field
All and all, my trip to Aggieland was successful. The people there are honestly the nicest people you'll ever have the honor of meeting; all greeting you with a "Howdy! Welcome to Aggieland!" And though I was one of maybe 30 SMU fans there in a crowd of over 80,000, I truly felt welcomed. 

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