Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Falling" For You

'Falling' For You

As I sit in my semi-heated house studying for midterms, I can't help but to remince on fall and all of its wonders: how easy life seemed, how carefree... how un-icy and un-frigid.   :)

Once again, more of my Jack Wills obsession. And Longchamp. And Tory Burch. This outfit is perfect for a casual, early fall date, but at the rate this weather is going, late winter too. 

I love the beige/maroon/hunter green theme going on over here. It's definitely perfect. Not to mention, this, on a cute little blonde like me... Oh my goodness I'd be adorable! ;)

I wish I had the money to afford Tory Burch flats! It's on my "fashion investments" list, along with a Marc Jacobs bag, a Barbour jacket and a Lilly Pulitzer sun dress. However, I can afford Jack Wills. Because I fit their dynamic to a "T". I am the soon-to-be college student, who happens to be British! 

What do you think? xoxo Savannah

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