Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cute Winter Wonderland

Cute Winter Wonderland
Sometimes, when I see really tall girls pulling off really cute outfits, I writhe with envy. I would seriously like to be able to where riding boots and a mini skirt without looking like a very small (and very blonde) stump! But, I'll get over myself, as I always do! 

As much as I gripe about MI weather and its inability to stay constant, I really do like winter. Not necessarily the cold (and definitely not the snow), but the magic of the season. You don't need blush because the windchill takes care of that for you. And you can accessorize with a different coat, each day, if it behooves you. PLUS, you can have some cute guy keep your hands warm whilst walking in this winter wonderland *blush.

Midterms went well, I think. Mostly As and one B, so pretty solid. It was a stressful week. But on a positive note, I'm a second semester senior! Woohoo! Only 4 more months. I. CAN. DO. THIS.

I went to U-M (University of Michigan) yesterday. May I say, wow. I love it there. I hope I end up with enough money to go to SMU, but if I don't, I would be THRILLED to attend U-M. Yesterday, when I was there for the admitted students tour, I couldn't help but think to myself how excited I was for next year. U-M is such an awesome school, and who doesn't love Ann Arbor?!

What has everyone else's week been like? xx Savannah 

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