Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adorable Oxblood

Adorable Oxblood

No lie, I have an absolute obsession with oxblood! What a great color. It literally looks good on everything/everyone. 
The Hunters are actually Merlot, but close enough! The dress is from Topshop and the jacket from Coach. I love this "rainy-and-cold-yet-perfect-day" outfit. It looks really nice, but when you think about it, it calls for no real effort. That's the beauty of it: it's a functional, yet cute outfit. 

I have midterms coming up next week, so if I don't end up posting in a while, I'm not neglecting you! I really do love all you who read my blog, but studies first! :) 

*Just to be clear, though, oxblood is a color. Not the organ out of a large pachyderm! Hehe

What is your favorite winter color? xoxo Savannah

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