Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Many More Days Til' Summer?

How Many More Days Til' Summer?
No joke. I hate Michigan weather. It's cold and rainy all. the. time. It isn't that I don't like cold weather (actually it opens a lot doors concerning fashion choices) but the dreariness is truly draining. Therefore, as most people can infer, I love summer. Nothing is more beautiful than a Michigan summer night. So, I thought, before we delve into this never-ending-tundra-of-a-season, I'd do an ode to Lilly, Jack, and J.Crew

On another note, my auntie and uncle are coming in town next week for my cousin's wedding! *Cue the cheers* I am so excited to see them! Especially because they'll be here when letters from colleges start rolling in. I feel as though they've been an active part of my schooling in order for me to attend school down South. Where it's warm... unlike Michigan. But long story short, I am jumping up and down and marking days off my colorful planner, dancing with excitement!

What's y'alls favorite season? xoxo Savannah

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