Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prom Dresses

Prom. The epitome of high school and the celebration of an end. I live in a SUPER small town, where I've gone to school with the same people for 12 years. Our city is lovingly nicknamed "The Bubble", due to the closeness of this city and it's residents.

But long story short (and off my rant), prom. I literally cannot wait for it. It is almost every girls dream (and of course, her wedding) . Our prom is almost a holiday in our town, so the girls go all out. I would love to pull off some of the dresses they do, but the fact of the matter is I really don't have the body type. I consider myself normal weight, am I'm doing nothing to drastically change that. What I mean is, I am tiny. I'm not even five feet tall, so long dresses really are out of the question. I mean, why would you buy a dress, only to cut off, basically, half of it? You wouldn't. I also am not a fan of strapless. On most people, they look stunning. On me, not so much. I have broad runner's shoulders, so I tend to look daintily "masculine". That surely will NOT impress my date... 

Therefore, I've accepted my fate. I will most definitely will have to wear a short dress with some sort of strap. Luckily, I can pull of one strap, so I'm not too depressed.

Here are a few I was looking at:
French Connection
Lilly Pulitzer Emmy
What do you think? xoxo Savannah

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  1. I'm a Lilly my favorite would definitely be Emmy by Lilly Pulitzer!