Monday, December 17, 2012

Behold My Future... So Far

Behold My Future... So Far

Hey y'all! Guess what?! I've been accepted to college! How great is that?! Above are the places I've been accepted to so far. I have been truly blessed to have decisions, and that all the universities I've applied to accepted me. I am, however, waiting for the University of Rochester to get back to me, but I'm content with what I have now. 

I have been accepted to my top three (Southern Methodist University, University of Michigan, and Texas Christian University), so I have some decisions to make now. But that being said, I also have to be aware of cost. As of this moment, I have some fantastic scholarships to: Michigan State, SMU, and Loyola University Chicago. Tuition, without aid is enough to kill you, but I have to keep my nose to the books and keep on working towards my dream. 

Please pray for me as I try to get scholarships, and in the end, make the final decision on my future! xoxo Savannah

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