Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beauty on the Cheap

Hey y'all! What a crazy first week back! Between classes, clubs, working out and managing to keep myself in check, I'm seriously running on low battery (and low funds). So, today, when I went to CVS (I can't afford that Sephora life, sadly) I went ham on all the beauty product I was running dangerously low on.

Suave "Moroccan Infusion" CVS $3.99 each
Aussie "Sprunch" CVS $4.99
Garneir Fructis "Brilliant Shine Spray" CVS $3.99

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask CVS $3.99
Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask CVS $3.99
Almay "Intense i-color" CVS $7.49

Revlon "Color Stay" CVS $7.99

Mybelline "Great Lash" CVS $5.99

Mabelline "Baby Lips" CVS $4.49

What are y'alls fave "on the cheap" products?
xoxo Savannah

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