Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Stay Organized

Hey y'all! So finals are coming upon us, so now's the time to get organized and ready to knock those tests out of the park. However, as a busy college student, life sneaks up on us and it's super easy to fall into disorganized chaos. Besides my notebooks, my laptop and my textbooks, here are a few things I always keep in my tote to help avoid disorganization. 

1) A planner. I love my Lilly P one too much
2) Colored pens. Great for color coding notes and events
3) Highlighters. Making sure no small detail goes unnoticed
4) Hair ties. When I pull my hair back, I feel like I can accomplish anything
5) Cosmetic bag. Good for keeping pens/pencils as well as lipgloss and mascara
6) Pencils. Because sometimes pens aren't enough
7) Glasses. You can't take notes if you can't see the board

How do y'all keep organized?
xoxo Savannah

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