Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sooooo Sorry

Hey y'all! I got re-sick after posting almost half a month ago. And I mean, really sick. As in I was on two antibiotics, eye drops, allergy meds, sudafed, and a whole host of other meds. I was NOT ok and just didn't have the energy to balance the blog, school, and my health; so I took a little siesta. But I'm back now and healthy as ever! Finals, Christmas break, and rush are coming up quickly. As in next week are finals and I leave for Michigan in exactly two weeks now. SO EXCITED. And I officially rush in one month. I'm so nervous!

Anyway, these are some recent photos from the past few weeks because I've been super MIA!

My absolute fave photo of the year

Bestie Lauren and I tanning... In Novermber

Us at a Halloween party

Boulevarding with da bestie

Happy Thanksgiving from the Texan Italians

Me and my baby cousins in FW over break

Parade of Lights in FW

Lights!!! Happy holidays!

Celebration of Lights at SMU

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