Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Surviving Finals

One word. Two syllables. Six letters. A world of pain. Test taking is stressful. Like no joke. You start camping out at the library, at 3am because the building is open 24/7 and you can't bear the thought of losing your spot in the coveted cubicle on the top floor. Or maybe it's that third cup of coffee you've consumed in a 2 hour period that's causing this erratic behavior. But whatever it is, it makes final season what it is. 
1) Remember: You do NOT have to look nice this week. No one is judging you. And the books you're pouring over aren't going to give you quizzical stares. So just do you. That means hair on top of head, giant t-shirt, leggings, huge tote, and running shoes. No one cares.
2) Wear comfortable shoes. When you're busy studying, your feet shouldn't be your main priority. And weather depending, you may be walking in the cold, at night for a half a mile. Be comfortable and smart. Especially if it's cold like it is here in Texas.

3) There are necessities to take to the library. In my case, I study on the top floor, which is made of windows. It's been mid-30s here this week. That means I was a "Savannah-sickle". No joke. But always remember to bring the basic fives to the library:
  1. Macbook or PC laptop
  2. Pens (I like pretty ones like from Jonathon Adler) 
  3. A scarf. Nothing worse than a cold neck
  4. Glasses. Your eyes get REALLY tired.
  5. A watch. Always good to have an actual watch on you if your phone and computer dies. Trust me, that happens.  

4) Bring something to drink. Need a "wake me up"? Coffee. Girl's best friend is Starbucks. Need hydration and alertness? Water. It perks you up and balances out the insane amount of coffee you probably just drank. Need a "calm me down"? Tea. Depending on the type it can be calming and caffeinated, or calming and soothing. 

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