Monday, November 19, 2012

Tartan Classy

Ok, this outfit has been seen ALL over Pinterest, but it so darn cute that I had to recreate it. What isn't more classic than a tartan plaid button down, a white crew neck sweater, and riding boots.

J. Crew has really nice tartan shirt this year, and what isn't more classic than a Ralph Lauren sweater?  The bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs in nylon Natasha. A friend of mine has this purse... and if you think it's cute in the picture, you NEED to see it in person! The jeans are just any basic skinny jean. I personally am a fan of Levi's, but whatever floats your boat. The jewelry: how can you go wrong with pearls... The boots are a different story. Riding boots have to fit not only your personality, but also your body type. Too tall of a boot, you look like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"... Too short, and you look like you're wearing children's' shoes.

Tartan Classy

Tell me what y'all think! xoxo Savannah

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