Thursday, November 8, 2012

When I Marry...

For all of you that haven't yet guessed, I am extraordinarily tiny. As in I'm below 5 feet. That can pose problems in me finding clothes that fit, but I don't mind. It also may not surprise you, just like any girl, I dream of my wedding. I wanted long, princess dresses with flowing veils and high heels. But then I realized I'm a midget. I can't wear huge jewelry and a big ol' gown. It wouldn't look proper on me. So, I plan to opt for a comb made of pearls because my hair looks a lot better short and curly (also my facial structure doesn't welcome veils too often). I still want a long dress, but more reasonable. As Taylor Swift would say, I have no intention of wearing "a dress shaped like a pastry." Then heels. Obviously, at my height, they're a necessity.
J. Crew 

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