Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Riding Boot Frenzy

Riding Boot Frenzy

I love riding boots. There isn't an "if, and, or but" about it. They are the quintessential preppy footwear and, let's be honest, darn cute. The issue is that I don't have the legs to pull them off. No, I don't have fat legs. I am blessed with very short, muscular, runner's legs. The boots just don't look the way they should on me. It's sad, but I'm in a 12 step program: Addiction to Boots. 

Therefore, this is my ode to boots. Although I have accepted my fate and happily moved on with my cowgirl boots (which fit my proportions much better), a girl can still dream!

Hope all's well! xoxo Savannah

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  1. I would kill for any of those! I'm in love with riding boots!