Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What to Wear to Block Party

So, come August 31, I'm going to Mad Decent Block Party (which is like the dubstep version of Warped Tour) with some of my fellow Mustangs. I'm not personally much into dupstep. As in I don't follow it at all. But I love meeting new people and what better way to do so than to go to a concert?!

My next order of business was picking out an outfit. I can't go to a concert looking completely out of place as much as I will be on the inside. (There was no way I was passing up an opportunity to go shopping, either!) Therefore, I did my research and came up with a few options.

It's gonna be really hot in Dallas that day, considering it's August... and at 2pm-10pm... with a bunch of people 18+. So crop tops work really well. Also, it's one of those events that you can wear REALLY wild prints.

Same thing goes for shorts. Something breathable. Something wild. Something crazy. High waisted shorts are really in right now, too.

It's sunny and hot in a crowd of people. Not to mention, that hot TX sun beating down on you for 7 hours... it's smart to wear something that'll protect your eyes, your skin (especially your face) and keep yourself cool by tying your hair in a top knot with a bright scarf or bandana. 

Due to the crowd size, flip flops and open toe shoes are NOT advised. Instead, wearing a light sneaker like Vans or Keds (maybe even Sperry's like me!) solves this problem and maintains a casually stylish overall look. 

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