Thursday, August 1, 2013

Style Update

Hey y'all! Lately I've been OBSESSING over a couple of items. I believe every girl needs to feel confident in herself, and what better way to do so than to have a great wardrobe!

chino shorts
I love, love, LOVE J.Crew chino shorts! They are super comfortable, reasonably priced, come in an array of colors, and different lengths according to your stature. I honestly have about 5 or 6 pairs of these and they are one the best investments I've made so far! 

elsa top
The Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top. I cannot say enough good things about this shirt. First off, it's made of silk. Meaning it is breathable, light, and can be dressed up or worn down. Second. it comes in SOOO many colors/patterns. You honestly can find one to go with every outfit. Sadly, they are a little pricey (then again, what Lilly isn't?!)

jack shoes

Jack Rogers is known for it's Palm Beach/Navajo sandal. But another great item is their Marbella wedge sandal. This shoe looks great with any outfit and gives what would be a dressed down look a little extra flair. So cute and they fit much like the sandal does, so I find them fairly comfortable. 

A wristlet is always needed, whether you be at a tailgate (Boulevard for all my SMU readers!), walking around campus, or just running errands around town. All the girls in my city back home carried them. I have a Vera wristlet I got for my sweet 16, but I think I'll buy a Lilly one just before I go off to school!

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