Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Casual Class

Casual vs Classy

The choice to scrub or not to scrub... That is the question. 

You can go with a monogrammed fleece (or 1/4 zip) and still look classy. There are many days I don't want to move, yet need to look semi presentable. OR, you wear the very appropriate and very cute cardie. They come in 100s of colors and you can never go wrong with one!

Then there is the norts vs chino shorts debate. Norts are extremely comfortable, cute, and come in more colors than known to man! But then, so do chino shorts (especially from J.Crew). There are so many possibilities!!!

Ok. Now on to shoes. Nike Free Runs vs Jacks. A hard debate. Both can be designed by the individual. Both are incredibly comfortable. Both look good with norts. But, one lends itself to a more sporty ego, while the other is more of a preppy staple.

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