Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sun Protection

Hey y'all! Summer is coming up soon, so it's about time to discuss proper sun protection. Honestly, I get it. I worship the sun and the tanner I get, the happier I am. (Tanning is also a perk to my job as a lifeguard too!) But, incorrect or over-exposure can be truly detrimental to y'alls health.

Here are some quick tips for sun protection:


It doesn't have to be a gooey white Coppertone-like sunblock y'all grew up with. It can simply be using a foundation with an SPF (MAC, Smashbox, Tart, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline FIT) Or, it can be a light coat that goes under the makeup. Or it can be as easy as a quick (good smelling) spray: easy application, no mess.


Hats are cute!! Seriously. Wear them. Your face, eyes, and scalp will thank you.


Why not wear sunglasses? They're so cute and come in individual styles depending on the face shape, so neglecting them is harder than buying them. You only have one set of retinas. Be kind to them.


Sun protection isn't simply skin deep. Drinking water helps the body from dealing with sun exposure related issues later. Dehydration, especially when you're an "always-going-never-stopping" kind of person, is a bummer and causes a real dent in your day.

What do y'all do to protect yourselves during summer?
xoxo Savannah

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