Monday, March 3, 2014

Pinterest: Mardi Gras Beads

As we all know, Mardi Gras has come and eventually will pass. Some of us were lucky enough to spend it in the great NOLA itself, while others were home enjoying their own festivities. Regardless, the king cake was doled out in plenty and the beads thrown like cray. I kid you not, I woke up from a mardi gras party with about 10 strands of beads (gold, purple, and green – and one blue...?) around my neck! Now, of course, I plan on keeping these beads because they somehow lend themselves to college parties and what-not. But for those unfortunate enough to have a surplus amount of beads and no idea on how to use them, here's a great way to utilize these funny little souvenirs from Bourbon Street.

1) Bead Outlined Frame
Glue beads to the outside of a picture/mirror frame and paint over it, adding texture and uniqueness to an item.

2) Beaded Coaters
Make coasters out of beads. It's relatively cheap and easy, as well as adds a Southern quirkiness to a dinner party. 

3) Bead Filled Glasses
Fill old glasses/champagne flutes/cocktail glasses/Mason jars with the beads and a lit tea candle to create a romantic, or sophisticated, or plain old fun atmosphere. 

4) Beaded Wreath
You can buy these wreaths on Etsy, or you can be crafty yourself and make one.
  1. Find a couple colors that either correspond with your favorite team/your college colors/whichever two colors you have the most
  2. Wrap and hot glue around a wreath base (can be bought at any craft store)
  3. Add a bow or a pendant
  4. Ta-da! A wreath fit for the King of NOLA
5) Beaded Necklace
This probably works better with pearl or white colored beads, but the concept (for any color) is the same!

What do y'all do with your leftover beads?
xoxo Savannah

P.S. I've been pretty busy so I haven't had the chance to blog lately. I promise I'll be better!

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