Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 "Go-To" Inspirational Songs

1) "Roar" - Katy Perry
One, who doesn't feel empowered by this song? Katy is such a powerhouse and she's honestly such an inspiration through her music. After listening to this song, you feel like you have the power to change the world by being a stronger version of yourself. Plus, the video of the kids at the Dartmouth Children's Hospital made this song absolutely adorable (Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock performs Katy Perry's Roar)

2) "Firework" - Katy Perry
Seriously, this song is an anthem for anyone who's ever felt out of place, felt like they're alone in this world, or are questioning who they are. And I know, what a cliche song, but it really is a beautiful testament to how short life is and how you have to live every single second of it comfortable in your own skin. We've all felt like there is something wrong with us as some point in our lives, and this song just gives hope that you are never alone. Plus, it's Katy Perry. She's awesome.

3) "Begin Again" - Taylor Swift 
Don't laugh, but I really like this song. It's not like the first two in that it is about finding your own voice, but rather it gives hope that something good always comes after the storm. Everyone knows that when relationships end (especially the ones that felt like they were forever), there is this bottomless pit stuck inside your stomach and you feel like nothing will ever be the same. Knowing, eventually, there will be someone better to come sweep you off your feet is kinda comforting in a sappy, romantic way.

4) "Wake Me Up" - Avicii
This is literally my go to song of the year. It is a pump up song, a stress reliever and just an awesome song to spastically dance/jump to. There's just something relieving about having lyrical proof of life's unwinding journey and that through all the messes and complications, there is hope. Maybe I'm reading into this song too deeply. I don't know. But there's just something inspirational about knowing the journey that lies ahead of you is one unknown, but one that must be traveled.

What are y'alls "go-to" songs?
xoxo Savannah

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