Sunday, February 3, 2013


Ok, so I went to MSU (Michigan State) this past weekend to take a test that would give me full ride to the university. It's not my first choice, but I didn't want to close any doors before I knew all information. 

Well... This particular day, there were about 600 applicants from all over the US. It was SOOO cool to meet all these people and gain more friendships! So, speaking of friendship, I met this guy. He lives only a few minutes from the university and knew a lot about the college. 

*Not to mention he was cute, and funny, and smart, and yah... ;)

Well anyway, I met him early on in the day and thought I wouldn't see him again due to the massive amount of people at the conference. And I was fine with that. 

But low and behold, he found me! He came to the particular department of study I was looking at (the exact opposite of him) and chatted me up. And we talked all night. It was perfect. 

So, later on in the night, I went back to my room to get ready for bed. (We exchanged twitter names earlier) All of sudden, I got a twitter message from him with his phone number and to come down to the lobby to say goodbye. I got out of my sweats and into more presentable clothes -- jeans and a blouse -- and met him down there. 

He made me chase him down the hallway to a doorway. When I finally caught him, he opened his arms. Silly me, I thought he wanted a hug, so I hugged him. Then, when I pulled away, he opened his arms arms again, so I (confused) hugged him again. But this time, when I pulled away, he leaned in. And kissed me. On the lips. 

I literally couldn't believe it. I saw stars and all that girly stuff that comes with a first kiss *blush. After about 30 seconds we pulled away and he leaned his forehead on mine. It was perfection. 

He had to go and I was shuffled away to my hotel room, so I didn't see him again. But that's all right, because I could not have asked for a more amazing (wonderful, perfect, magical) first kiss!

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