Saturday, October 27, 2012

Summary of My Year

The first quarter of senior year ends in T-minus 5 days. Goodness, where has the time gone! A few highlights of the year include my last spirit day (our theme was Batman), going to the beautiful city of Charleston, SC with Mama, ending my senior season of cross country yesterday with a time of 22:59 (a career best), and getting to wear a fabulous toga with all my girlfriends. 

In other news, I just took the ACT for the fourth time this morning. I want those scholarships! So, hopefully my scores go up at least one point! But, you know what they say: "Fourth time's a charm!".

I also got my first acceptance letter this morning. An impatient Mama greeted me at my door to have me come inside and open the GIANT envelope addressed to me from Michigan State. Low, and behold, I am officially a MSU Spartan! I now know if my plans don't work out, I definitely have another option awaiting!

More news! I have decided to go on a gluten-free diet! My bff has Celiacs and I already eat a lot of the foods she eats, so it only seemed logical I'd make the transition! My mom has already gone GF, so I'm joining her now that XC is official over :)

What are some wheat-free treats y'all enjoy? XOXO Savannah

Me before spirit day! Go Seniors!
My mom and I. Cuties, right?!
Coach in the center, me on the left.
Don't judge! It was 5 in the morning at this time!!!

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