Thursday, March 26, 2015

Apparel Chair

Hi y'all! I'm sorry that I've been MIA for about 4 months! I have been so so busy with school, Phi Lamb (the sorority I'm in) and Alpha Kappa Psi (the business fraternity I'm in). I am keeping up with my school work and I just found out that I'm graduating a whole year early!!! WOW. So now I'm really busy, keeping my nose to the grindstone and getting close to graduation. Eeeek!

The reason for this post is to announce (*cue the announcement horns and release the doves*) the I was voted "Apparel Chair" for my AKPsi PC ("pledge class" for all you unfratty/unsratty people out there). So basically I'm t-shirt chair. How perfect is that? They elected a fashion blogger as a tshirt chair. Nail on the head, Spring 2015 PC, nail on the head.

The designs I have made through this charming website (JCG Apparel) and with the help of some excellent designers from the company, I have come up with these three/four-ish designs:

What do y'all think?

xoxo Savannah

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