Monday, August 4, 2014

Florida Bound

Hey y'all! I can't believe I'm almost done with my job this summer. Tomorrow is my last day! Wow. On Thursday, I'll be off to Naples, FL for week for a kinda family vacation. So excited! So, in packing for my beach vacay, I also have to pack for my impending trip back to Dallas. I actually leave Michigan for good this Thursday (or at least until December!)

But for those that the summer hasn't exactly ended yet and are still off to the beach in the near future, here are my "Must Haves" Beach Edition:

1) Sun hat
Marley Lilly

Protect that skin as much as possible! Ball caps (favorite sports team or monogrammed) are great too!

2) Koozie

Marley Lilly

Keep your drink cool {and holdable} in style! I like Lilly P's koozies too. My 'You Gotta Regatta' koozie is my best friend.

3) Sunscreen

Neutrogena is my favorite. I have super sensitive skin so this is the only type that I can use that won't cause breakouts. It's lightweight and mostly odor-free so it can be used under makeup or just on the beach for a non-greasy look. You can find this sunscreen at any local drugstore (CVS, Walgreen's, Rite-Aid, etc.)

4) Sunglasses
I love sunglasses. They make or break an outfit 100%. Everyone needs a good pair of glasses, especially at the beach. My eyes are very sensitive so sunglasses for me are always a must. I love to pair my aviators and wayfarers with my Lilly croakies.

5) Beach Bag
Lilly Pulitzer
I'm a tote kinda girl. I hate backpacks and I carry my entire life with me. I have this tote and let me just say, it's amazing. It's durable and waterproof and the patterns are just to die for. Of course there are cheaper totes that are just as nice, but in my humble opinion, you just can't beat Lilly.

6) Cute Coverup
Proper Prep Collection
I'm a Campus Ambassador for Proper Prep so of course I'd market a little for them! I'm a huge fan of oversized t-shirts. I don't know what it is about them, but they make the perfect coverups. I can't get over it. And because I am a rep for this company, everyone who visits the site and purchases an item will get 10% their purchase with the code: SMU10

7) Bathing Suit
Victoria's Secret
Vicky Seeks (as my Mom calls it) is my favorite place for bathing suits. They have suits for every body type and have a mix-and-match option that is the bomb. The suits are quality material and look great on. I have that top and bottom in a few colors, and let me say, great purchase.

Hope y'all are having a great summer, on a beach or not :)

xoxo Savannah

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