Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Own Personal Twitter Awards

Hey y'all! Now that I'm officially a second semester senior, I seem to have a lot of extra time on my hands. That being said, I've succumbed to the unfortunate ailment that is "senioritis". I've been trying my best, eating all kinds of oranges and vitamins to prevent the disease, but it was of no use. Though my case isn't as serious as a few in my school (whose rival the Black Plague itself), it has caused me to develop a few addictions: Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Because I am a savant of all things Pinterest now, I recommend you check me out! Link to my past post is below, along with a direct route to my Pinterest profile as well.

Snapchat is literally my best friend. Of course I end up with thousands of gosh awful pictures of me in some very unflattering lights, but that's beside the point! When class gets a little boring, I use Snapchat to entertain myself. And no one knows better than I just how great this app is when all you want is for someone to put a smile on your face :)

Now Twitter....
Where do I even begin? Twitter is my absolute best friend. I find out the latest gossip, from home to the sparkling lights of LA to the off-white columns of Washington DC. But lately, none of that has really held interest for me. My latest fad is in fact Preppy Anon accounts. Because they are anonymous, they don't have to fully filter their inner most thoughts. And let me tell you, that's refreshing. I linked this blog to my twitter account, so if you want to follow, here's a link:

My Twitter Awards go to the accounts that never cease to entertain me (and not in any particular awarding order because they are all good in their own right!)

  • Cause We're Classy
  • That Gent Guy
  • Prep in My Step
  • The Classy Kid
  • Just A Guy
  • The Rules 
  • Simply Sassy
  • Bluejean Princess 
FOLLOW THEM ALL. Because they are AMA-ZING!!! (read that last part in a 'sing-song' voice)

What are you recommendations for people to follow? xx Savannah

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